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At Thinking Forward Events we primarily focus on events based sales and marketing – however our experience comprises of every facet of face to face functionality. As a company our skill set is varied which puts us in a prevailing position to achieve anything our clients need.

About Us

Thinking Forward Events have also refined the balance of getting your message out to potential customers, whilst keeping existing customers loyal to your company and brand. Customer service, brand knowledge and understanding your goal is key to making this happen.

Awesome Customer Support

Thinking Forward Events represent some fantastic brands in the UK helping them grow and reach areas previously unavailable to them. We work closely with our clients to ensure their customers are always getting the most up to date services and best value for money deals.

All in One Solution

So you want to increase sales? But you absolutely don’t want to spend too much time worrying about brand awareness, event marketing or customer acquisitions? Now, you don’t have to! You can let Thinking Forward Events do the hard work for you.

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Services Compatibility
Event Promotions
Feedback & Analysis 87%
Brand Awareness 91%
Customer Service

Increase your sales by

Avg customers per week


New markets targeted monthly

Personal Approach

By interacting with potential customers face to face builds trust and adds value to our clients products/services.

Clients can count on us'

We attract clients through our guarantee to increase their customer base, we are confident in our sales systems and procedures.

Thinking forward

Given the current economic climate we offer our clients the best possible value for money with this guarantee as there is no risk.

Dedicated team

The determination we have to acquire new customers is second to none we will go that extra mile to help our clients. 

Why choose us?

Companies come to us because we are young, innovative and we get the job done with cutting edge sales techniques you won’t see elsewhere.

Tailored to you

Carefully crafted product and service strategies that are flexible make it easy to promote the brand based on what the customer is looking for.